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Headteacher Well-being online conference 2021

On 5th November 2021 JUSCO hosted the first online Head teacher well being conference. You can find films and presentations from the sessions below. 

Dame Alison Peacock: Compassionate Leadership

Dame Alison Peacock discusses Compassionate Leadership.

Ross Morrison McGill (@Teachertoolkit): Reducing observational bias

Ross Morrison McGill (@teachertoolkit) discusses how leaders can reduce observational bias.

Barry Smith: I'm very polite to you, you're very polite to me.

Barry Smith discusses how he creates a positive behavioural environment and shares high behavioural expectations.

Pie Corbett: Creative Reading and Writing

In this film Pie Corbett discusses creative reading and writing.

Returning to routine EIF inspections: Claire Jones HMI

In this presentation Claire Jones HMI discusses returning to routine EIF inspections

All of our films and presentation downloads are now available in our member's area.