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Introducing our #JUSCO "SEF Surgery"

The concept behind the SEF surgery is that colleagues have an opportunity to review and discuss each other's SEFs and offer support and advice. It means that colleagues have the chance to support each other by acting as a "Critical friend".


How does it work?

Colleagues who would like to have their SEF become part of a "SEF surgery" send their SEF and any other information that supports it to

The SEF is then shared in PDF format via a link so that colleagues, who are part of the surgery, have a chance to read it in advance of the surgery taking place. 

The surgery itself takes place using a Gotomeeting webinar. The session is recorded and the video is given to the colleague who shared their SEF to remind them of the conversation that took place. The video is not placed in the JUSCO video Library - unless the colleague requests that this happens. 


How often do they take place? 

The SEF surgery will take place on alternate Fridays at 2pm during term time. 


How do I register to take part in the "SEF surgery"

An email will be sent to all colleagues on the mailing list with a link for registration. 


Is there a charge? 

No, it is part of the Junior School Collaboration's work to support each other. 


All of our films and presentation downloads are now available in our member's area.