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JUSCO Conference 27th April 2018 "From Diagnosis to cure"

This year's theme: From Diagnosis to Cure

Last year saw the inaugural JUSCO conference which brought together a range of teachers and leaders from junior schools up and down the country.
During the day a range of expert speakers highlighted the significant issues and pressures faced by junior schools when it comes to school accountability and performance data. The message was clear: the system is unfair.
This second conference provides another opportunity for Junior school leaders to come together in order to consider and discuss the current issues they face. There will be a further opportunity to hear from leading thinkers in school accountability, inspection and assessment. This year’s theme is ‘from diagnosis to cure’ with the focus being on not just highlighting the problem, but also exploring potential solutions.
This year's speakers include: 

  • Sean Harford: HMI, National Director, Education at OFSTED
  • Daisy Christodoulou: Director of Education at No More Marking
  • Jamie Pembroke (Sig+): Data Analyst and Advisor with 10 years experience in primary, secondary and post-16 sectors. 
  • Professor Sam Twisleton: Director of Sheffield Institute of Education at Sheffield Hallam University
  • David Weston: Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust
  • James Bowen: Director NAHT Edge
  • Liz Twist: Head of Assessment Research and Product Development assessment

Lunch and morning / afternoon refreshments are included in the ticket price. 


You can book your place here: 

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