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Reading and the English Curriculum webinar 8th December 2021 with Sarah Hubbard HMI, OFSTED National Lead for English and Professor Teresa Cremin and Claire Williams, Headteacher Bournville Village Primary School

We are pleased to announce a free webinar on the 8th December 2021. The focus of this event will be Reading and the English Curriculum and will feature presentations from Sarah Hubbard, HMI and OFSTED National Lead for English, Professor Teresa Cremin who leads the Open University Reading for Pleasure Project and Claire Williams, Headteacher at Bournville Village Primary School.

The agenda for the event with working titles is: 

4pm: Reading and the English Curriculum: Sarah Hubbard HMI

4:40pm: Reading for Pleasure: Professor Teresa Cremin

5:10pm: Reading for Pleasure at Bournville Village Primary School


You can register for this event by clicking below:


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